Sunday, August 22, 2010

[New Books] Aug 17 to 22 2010

  • Skellig (David Almond)
    The "Dr. Death" thing intrigued me xD And it got an honorary book stamp so I think it might be good.
  • Artemis Fowl 6: The Time Paradox (Eoin Colfer)
    FINALLY I've managed to get my hands on its paperback edition!!! But the 7th book is still in hardbound.... bummer.
  • The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)
    I don't find this interesting at all (from reading the plot) since I'm not into reality TV shows anywayz. However, it's reaaaaaaaaaally popular and even Stephen King admired it? Perhaps it's something worth checking out.
  • Leonardo's Shadow (Christopher Grey)
    I have a feeling anything connected to Leonardo da Vinci will be interesting for me, ahaha!
  • The Tapestry 2: The Second Siege (Henry H. Neff)
    I'm not yet done with the first book but I'm liking it so far! Better grab the sequel while it was still on sale ^^
  • Madapple (Christina Meldrum)
    It had religious references.... and the Solomon's Seal thing reminded me of a favorite manga.... I can't resist, haha!
  • Lirael (Garth Nix)
  • Abhorsen (Garth Nix)
    I've read Sabriel ages ago but I told myself that I would only buy the other installments of this series if they are on sale. Surprisingly, these two showed up recently, so I didn't hesitate. Hehe.
  • The Icarus Girl (Heleen Oyeyemi)
    It's about imagination and this is my first try to read a novel about Nigerian mythology~
  • The Red Pyramid (Rick Riordan)
    The plot didn't really impress me... but Egyptian mythology from the author of the Percy Jackson series? I love that series, and it's a bestseller in my place; I guess it's worth checking out~
  • Septimus Heap 2: Flyte (Angie Sage)
  • Septimus Heap 3: Physik (Angie Sage)
  • Septimus Heap 4: Queste (Angie Sage)
  • Septimus Heap 5: Syren (Angie Sage)
    Ahahahahahaha.... yeah, I completed it. I'm mad, I know. Haha!
  • Guys Write for Guys Read (Jon Sciezka)
    It's an anthology for boys actually.... but lots of my favorite authors are there. I think this would be fun~
  • Vampirates 1: Demons of the Ocean (Justin Somper)
    I loooove the idea of vampires + pirates~ And twins who got separated and desperately want to see each other???!!! Ooooo.... this will delight me~ Hopefully they're nothing like the Newman twins from the Nicholas Flammel series.
  • Heroes of the Valley (Jonathan Stroud)
    Rick Riordan had a positive review for this book. And the trilogy that this guy made seems popular. It got me cruious for this one, hehehehe.
  • The Monstrumologist (Rick Yancey)
    I've been eyeing on this for a long time already but it was in hardbound so.... uuuugh! Then finally I saw a paperback version with a blue cover! Yay!
  • The Prince of Mist (Carlos Ruiz Zafon)
    Anything with the word "Prince" attracts me. Hahahah! And I'm really impressed with Zafon's debut novel, so I thought of getting my hands on this one while discounted! =D

  • solanin (Inio Asano)
    I see positive reviews on this and I can finally own a viz media manga in a much much affordable price ^^ The original price is insanely expensive x_x
  • The Count of Monte Cristo 2 (Mahiro Maeda & Yura Ariwara)
    I bought the first book.... and I didn't expect to see the second one on sale too! Yay! I'll wait for the last book to be on sale before I marathon it, hehe. Which reminds me, I should rewatch and marathon the anime too *only seen around 2 episodes*
  • Yokai Doctor (Yuki Sato)
    I do not know why I picked this up but hopefully it won't disappoint x_x

I've bought all of these on sale (and at least 20% off) Today's the last day of the sale at my favorite bookstore so..... I'll start to avoid entering bookstores in order to be not tempted to buy anything no matter how cheap it is, ehehe.

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