ImagiCom Explained

Welcome to the realm that expresses Sapphire Pyro's delight to almost any form of the products which rooted from mental creativity. This journal shall primarily focus on visual narratives; particularly novels, comics, movies, tv shows, and the like. All of those featured would be the fictional types naturally, for things that cannot happen or don't often happen in the real world are usually more interesting. (In regards to Japanese anime and manga however, they will be covered under her other blog called Hyper Parfait).

Posting style changes from time to time. It shall always depend on Sapphire's mood, time, and so forth What is certain though is that you will be encountering typographical errors here and there. Proofreading herself is something Sapphire is often lazy to do.

As for the review ratings, the hierarchy can be viewed on the side. The Rating refers to how Sapphire grades the material; while the Favorisitm part is more of her bias or on how much she enjoyed/loved it.

The labels/tags/categories usually have a symbol or a special character before them. Here are the meanings:
# - type of media (novel, movie, comics, etc.)
* - type of audience (children, teen, mature, etc.)
^ - type of post (review, preview, news, etc.)
none - genre element (magic, detective, family, etc.)
~ - miscellaneous

Lastly, banner and avatar are from images that are properties of Vertigo Comics. Sources of whatever has been copied are usually indicated. Sapphire Pyro's words belong to none other than Sapphire Pyro.