Sunday, September 26, 2010

[Novel Batch Review] The Hunger Games Trilogy

#1: The Hunger Games
#2: Catching Fire
#3: Mockingjay

by Suzanne Collins
Katniss Evergreen: Our country, Panem, is ruled by the Capitol, which controls the twelve ditrcits surrounding it. I live in District 12... and everyday I try to save me and my family from starving to death.
Gale: The Capitol is evil. Forcing each district to send 2 children to fight to the death on live TV every year is wrong!
Effie Trinket: Happy Hunger Games! The girl selected to be this year's tribute is.... Primrose Evergreen!
Katniss Evergreen: PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM! I volunteer as tribute!
The idea of forcing a group of young people to kill each other until only one of them is left is not something new. Such a harsh phenomenon can be traced back in history. It's sad but it's a reality that humans really have the ability to find enjoyment in watching others bathe themselves in another's blood. In the past, these could only be seen in one area, but thanks to modern technology even those who are far away can witness such horror.

Since the Hunger Games also uses this idea of people fighting to the death, naturally its story would be filled with tragedy and hardships. Moments of peace and happiness are rare; feelings of pain and loss are uncountable and unforgettable. Bloodshed isn't the only horror to be faced in this trilogy for there are also a number of psychological horrors to be encountered. There are things that could be far worse than death and torture.

But even though the main plot is meant to be depressing, it won't be a surprise if you'll be finding yourself laughing or giggling at times as you read these books. Despite the dark themes, the series has a great sense of humor. Its various elements are blended so well that it didn't ruin the main story.

The story is much deeper and more complex than it seems. Not everything that the narrator witnesses is the truth, and neither are everything on the surface is as it appears. A certain action could cause or imply so many things; a certain thing could be defined and used in many ways.

I'm very impressed that forms of entertainment that are considered pretty harmless and wasteful in modern times had been used in important matters in the story. Music saved lives, television has brought inspiration, and fashion sparked a revolution! Not only those who are capable of battle can fight, but also those who can bake, invent, and design clothes!

The trilogy has a dynamic and interesting cast. The characters are different from each other in various ways yet in their own way they could shine even with the simple things that they have done. A lot of them got enough development... and even if some of them seem too skillful to be real, their backgrounds make their capabilities believable enough. Despite of the many amazing things that they could do, I love it that the author hasn't forgotten about their imperfection and limitations; there are times where they would fail or would need to step back. There are times where they rely on others... and how these relationships are formed are beautiful.

I believe it's safe to assume that the trilogy supports the saying "Love conquers all". But fortunately, unlike other novels that talk about love, the Hunger Games trilogy acknowledges that romantic or eros love isn't the only form of love in the world. There's love for family, friends, companions, country, and oneself as well.

Aside from love, the trilogy also teaches the value of other things such as patience, resourcefulness, wits, and guts. Being able to attack others and defend oneself isn't the only way to survive in a deadly arena, but knowing the ways of mother nature is just as important. Mental and emotional strength.... how you'll manage to keep yourself together and retain your positive sides... are also very essential. True victory doesn't just mean managing to breathe for a long period of time in chaos.... what you did matters more than what you won.

The Hunger Games trilogy is a brilliant narrative filled with action, suspense, mystery, romance, and even comedy! It involves discipline, justice, politics, revolution, strategies, war, and survival! Opposite sides of the spectrum are blended well in this as well, such as mother nature and advanced technology, and a city filled with luxury and a city filled with almost nothing, and despair and hope!

The novels are such page-turners that it's so difficult to put it down because of the hunger of knowing what will happen next. If the first book is already incredibly captivating, the succeeding books are even better. It improves and gets more serious in each succeeding novel, yet the excitement and intensity aren't any less.

Like any other novel that has existed, there's no way for this trilogy not to have any flaws. But since it's well-written and has so many fantastic aspects, it's absolutely not difficult to ignore those minor flaws. This is the best Young Adult trilogy I've read so far! It's highly recommended to everyone because finding something this good is seriously rare!

A+ (TOTALLY BRILLIANT! *worships*)
It has been amazing in so many ways. It totally deserves its fame.
5 Hearts ---> OBSESSION
This is my top favorite YA trilogy so far~ I was very very very hooked to it!


  1. So you finished all of them? They're amazing, aren't they? I just reread them last night.

  2. Hehe I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I got my circle of friends addicted to the series and they love it too. The books definitely deserve more love ^^

  3. @ Anonymous
    Yes, around 5 nights xD Ohohohohoho~ And yes, they're totally amazing~

    @ LunarWolf915
    Too bad my circle of friends (except for a few) are more into.... those I'm not fond of >_>;;; But yes, it definitely deserves more love ^^