Thursday, September 16, 2010

Double Dozen Prequels I'm Thinking of Checking Out...

Here's a list of novels that I remember being interested in in the bookstore or jsut spotted on the net recently:
I want to buy all of these but that would be financial suicide x_x Hopefully I can have these narrowed down soon....


  1. GRACELING GRACELING GRACELING. Oh, book of my heart. ♥ I basically suspect that I can't be friends with people who don't love this book, lawllllllll. LOVE FOREVER. ♥

    I anti-rec Eragon though, because I find the writing atrocious... And anti-rec Iron King, UNLESS you want to read it for the crack. Then, you know, go ahead. There's random manga! mentions in that novel, lol. And faeries clubbing in leather or something.

  2. I just got it... and since you liked it so much, I'm getting more excited to read it soon xD

    Whoa... didn't expect Eragon to be this disliked (others have anti-rec it too)

    I'll save Iron King if I have nothing better to do, haha xD

    Thanks =D